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Beauty Is Powerful. Beauty Is Confidence. Wear It Well.

Welcome to Makeup by Agnes! Here you will find everything makeup and beauty. Whether you’re walking down the aisle and looking for the perfect look for your big day, or having a photoshoot done with your little one and need to glam it up, Agnes is your girl. With over 11 years experience there is no doubt that you will be looking beautiful and feeling confident by the time your makeup is complete.


meet agnes


Agnes Fallen


Agnes has always gravitated towards the art of makeup and its transformative powers.

She’s been doing makeup for the past 11 years but freelancing only for the last four. Upon graduating high school with a job in cosmetics, Agnes pursued all things fashion and beauty at Humber College. She finished her diploma with honours and enrolled at Complections International in 2006. This is where her professional makeup career began. While working at Sephora on the weekends and attending makeup school full time, Agnes learned first hand what it means to listen to clients’ personal needs, execute their vision and deliver results. Nothing prepares an artist more than exposure to every kind of race, ethnicity and colour. Shortly after graduating from makeup school with multiple diplomas, Agnes went on to work with MAC Cosmetics at several locations throughout Toronto, honing her skills even more so, with further training, guidance and product knowledge with world renowned trainers at MAC. It was the perfect breeding ground for any artist. The experience served her well to prepare her for the ultimate, which is to branch out on her own and create her own brand. 

Working with brides has become her speciality. Everything from educating each bride on proper skincare prior to the day of and bringing their vision to life. It is the ultimate joy. 

Her philosophy: "Be the best version of YOU. Enhancing beauty on real women.”